An almost complete list of nuts and seeds in Korean

Did you ever wonder why the name of this website is ♣️Sesame Sprinkles♣️? There are many reasons! In short, sesame seeds are essential in Korean cuisine – for flavor and nutrients. Sesame, as well as other seeds and nuts, are a source of diverse proteins, fatty oils, minerals and vitamins. They are generally components of a balanced diet – plant-based or not! 💪🌱 [By the way, avoiding animal-based ingredients still leaves you with innumerable plant-based options with fascinating vegetables, fruits, grains, mushrooms and seaweed.]

Below word list provides the names of nuts and seeds in Korean language. 🗒🌰🇰🇷🇰🇵 Do you enjoy munching on nuts and seeds? 🐿 Or do you need to avoid them because of allergies? 🤒 Are there any critical nut- or seed-based allergens missing? ❓ Let’s gather them all here and create the biggest collection of Korean words for nuts and edible seeds! ❗️ Comment below or send me a message! [Btw, if you don’t know how to read Korean yet, here’s a free and easy guide to learning the alphabet!]

The vocabulary first covers seeds which are commonly referred to as “(tree) nuts”, followed by the so-called “oil seeds”. [Find most seeds belonging to the category of grains and pulses in a different list here.] In addition to that, vegetable oils and fats which are produced from nuts and seeds are listed below as well.

⚠️ UPDATE: There are now pictures of food items along with the respective Korean name, pronunciation and English translation. Find the slideshows below!👇

Sesame seeds and sesame oil sold at Mangwon market 망원시장 in Seoul 2019.

Names of nuts and seeds in Korean

plant-based ingredients 식물성 재료 植物性材料 singmulseong jaeryo

🌰 nuts 🥥🥜

  • nuts in general – 견과류 gyeon-gwaryu 
  • 🌰 acorn, oaknut (Quercus) – 도토리 dotori
  • almond (Prunus amygdalus / Prunus dulcis) – 아몬드 amondeu
  • Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa) – 브라질너트 beurajil-neoteu
  • cashew, cashew nut (Anacardium occidentale) – 캐슈넛 kaesyu-neot / 캐슈너트  kaesyu-neoteu
  • 🌰 chestnut (Castanea) – 밤 bam
  • 🥥 coconut (Cocos nucifera) – 코코넛 kokoneot
  • 🟡 ginkgo nut (Ginkgo biloba) – 은행(씨) eunhaeng(ssi) / 은행알 eunhaeng-al
  • 🌰 hazelnut (Corylus avellana) – 헤이즐넛 heijeulneot
  • macadamia nut, Hawaii nut (Macadamia) – 마카다미아 makadami-a
  • 🥜 peanut, groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) – 땅콩 ttangkong [botanically not a nut, but a legume!]
    • whole peanut (unskinned) – 피땅콩 pittangkong
  • pecan (Carya illinoinensis) – 피칸 pikan
  • 🌲 pine nut, pinoli (Pinus) – 잣 jat
    • unshelled pine nut – 실백(잣) 實柏 silbaek (jat)
  • pistachio (Pistacia vera) – 피스타치오 piseutachi-o
  • walnut (Juglans) – 호두 hodu (old: 호도 胡桃 hodo)

⚠️ For quick learning and easy remembering: Here’s a slideshow illustrating the vocabulary! 👇 More images will be added soon!

🌱 other seeds 기타씨앗 🎃🌻

Left: Roasted sesame seeds (참깨) | Right: Raw perilla seeds (들깨)
  • seeds in general – 씨 ssi / 씨앗 ssi-at
  • chia seed (Salvia hispanica) – 치아씨 chi-a-ssi
  • ☕️ coffee bean, seed of Coffea plant – 커피빈 keopi bin / 원두 原豆 wondu
  • 🍫 cocoa bean, cacao, seed of Theobroma cacao – 코코아콩 kokoakong
  • flax seed, linseed (Linum usitatissimum) – 아마씨 ama-ssi
  • hemp seed (Cannabis sativa) – 삼씨 sam-ssi / 햄프씨드 haempeu ssideu / 햄프시드 haempeu-sideu
  • lotus seed (Nelumbo nucifera) – 연씨 yeon-ssi / 연자 yeonja / 연자육 yeonjayuk
  • 🟡 (white) mustard seed (Brassica alba / Sinapis alba) – 겨자씨 gyeoja-ssi
  • ⚫️ poppy seeds (Papaver somniferum) – 양귀비씨 yang-gwibi-ssi
  • 🟤 perilla seeds (Perilla frutescens) – 들깨 deulkkae / 임자 荏子 imja
  • 🎃 pumpkin seeds, Span. pepita (Cucurbita pepo) – 호박씨 hobak-ssi
  • rapeseed (Brassica napus subsp. napus) – 유채씨 yuchae-ssi / 평지씨 pyeongji-ssi
  • sacha inchi, Inca nut (Plukenetia volubilis) – 사차인치 sacha-inchi
  • ♣️ sesame seeds (Sesamum indicum) – 참깨 chamkkae
    • roasted sesame seeds – 볶은 참깨 bokkeun chamkkae
    • ♣️ black sesame seeds – 흑임자 heugimja / 검은깨 geomeun-kkae / 검정깨 geomjeong-kkae
  • 🌻 sunflower seeds (Helianthus annuus) – 해바라기씨 haebaragi-ssi

⚠️ For quick learning and easy remembering: Here’s a slideshow illustrating the vocabulary! 👇 More images will be added soon!

🏺 Plant-based oils from nuts and seeds 식물성 식용유 🛢🧈

  • cooking oils in general – 식용유 食用油 sigyong-yu
  • oil in general – 기름 gireum
  • vegetable oil – 식물성 식용유 singmulseong sigyong-yu
  • vegetable (seed) oil – 채종유 菜種油 chaejong-yu
  • almond oil – 아몬드유 amondeu-yu / 아몬드오일 amondeu o-il
  • 🥑 avocado oil – 아보카도유 abokadoyu [actually a fruit]
  • 🌼 canola seed oil – 카놀라유 kanollayu
  • 🌼 castor oil, castor bean oil (Ricinus communis) – 피마자유 pimajayu [mostly used as a food additive than consumed by itself]
  • 🥥 coconut oil – 코코넛오일 kokoneot o-il / 코코넛유 kokoneut-yu / 코코넛기름 kokoneot gireum
  • 🌽 corn oil, maize oil – 옥수수유 oksusu yu / 옥수수기름 oksusu gireum [actually a cereal]
  • 🌼 cotton seed oil – 면실유 棉實油 myeonsilyu / 목화씨오일 mokhwassi o-il
  • 🍇 grape seed oil – 포도씨유 podossiyu [actually a fruit]
  • linseed oil, flaxseed oil, flax oil – 아마인유 亞麻仁油 ama-inyu / 아마유 亞麻油 amayu / 아마기름 amagireum
  • macadamia oil – 마카다미아기름 makadamia gireum
  • 🟡 mustard oil, mustard seed oil – 겨자기름 gyeoja gireum / 개자유 芥子油 gaejayu [actually a seasoning]
  • 🫒 olive oil – 올리브유 ollibeu-yu / 올리브오일 ollibeu o-il
  • 🌻 sunflower seed oil – 해바라기씨유 haebaragissi-yu
  • 🌴 palm oil – 팜유 pamyu / 팜오일 pam o-il / 야자유 yajayu
  • 🥜 peanut oil – 땅콩유 ttang-kong-yu [actually a bean]
  • ♣️ perilla seed oil – 들기름 deulgireum
  • ♣️ sesame oil (from roasted sesame seeds) – 참기름 chamgireum
  • 🌾 brown rice oil – 현미유 hyeonmiyu [actually a cereal]
  • 🌾 rice bran oil – 겨기름 gyeogireum [actually a cereal]
  • 🥜 soybean oil – 대두유 大豆油 daeduyu / 콩기름 kong-gireum [actually a bean]
  • walnut oil – 호두기름 hodu gireum / 호도유 胡桃油 hodoyu
  • 🍫 cocoa butter, cacao butter – 코코아 버터 kokoa beoteo / 카카오 버터 kakao beoteo / 카카오 기름 kakao gireum
  • 🧈 margarine, vegan butter – 마가린 magarin / 식물성 버터 singmulseong beoteo



✍️ Work is still in progress! This list will be expanded gradually! ✍️

📝 Any questions, comments, vocabulary suggestions and language feedback are welcome! 🤗

Spelling of Korean pronunciation follows the system of Revised Romanization.

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