Veggie-friendly Korean Dishes

This section introduces Korean dishes that are either traditionally vegan / vegetarian by default or are available in veggie-friendly versions. Behind each link, you will find more information about the dish, how to best enjoy it, where to find it and how to order it in Korean according to your needs!

This overview on Korean food is subdivided into main dishes, side dishes, sweets, snacks and anju.

For easy reference, each item is marked with symbols indicating potentially critical ingredients. While some dishes are vegan by default 🌱, others will need to be customized. ➡️ costum-order. 🗣🇰🇷

  • 🌱 – vegan by default
  • 🥛 – dairy
  • 🥚 – egg
  • 🍯 – honey
  • 🚫🌾 – gluten free

🌱 Even if the basic recipe may not be vegan,
it may be possible to veganize it or find vegan versions! 🌱

🍚 Main dishes 🍜

  • 🌱/🥚 Bibimbap 비빔밥: rice mixed with toppings – on rare occasions, sauce or toppings contain meat ➡️ costum-order 🗣🇰🇷 (🚫🌾)
  • 🌱/🥚 Kong-guksu 콩국수: wheat noodles in chilled soy bean broth and occasionally egg topping ➡️ costum-order 🗣🇰🇷
  • 🌱 Pat-kalguksu 팥칼국수: wheat noodles in red bean soup
  • 🌱/🥚 Japchae 잡채: glass noodles with stir-fried vegetables, mushrooms and egg -occasionally fish🐟 and meat🐄- ➡️ costum-order 🗣🇰🇷
  • 🌱/🥚 Jjolmyeon 쫄면: cold, chewy wheat noodles with toppings and spicy sauce
  • 🌱/🥚 Bibimmyeon 비빔면: cold wheat noodles mixed with spicy sauce and a few toppings (topping or sauce may contain animal products🐟) ➡️ costum-order 🗣🇰🇷
  • 🌱/🥚 Mak-guksu 막국수: buckwheat noodles in cold broth (soup occasionally contains animal products🐓) ➡️ costum-order 🗣🇰🇷
  • Savory pancakes
    • 🌱 Bindaetteok 빈대떡: mung bean pancakes – seafood🦐, fish🐟 or meat🐖 may be added ➡️ costum-order 🗣🇰🇷 🚫🌾
    • 🌱 Gamja jeon 감자전: potato pancakes 🚫🌾
    • 🌱/🥚 Buchu jeon 부추전: garlic chives pancakes ➡️ costum-order 🗣🇰🇷
    • 🥚 Hobak jeon 호박전: Korean squash pancakes
  • Porridges 죽

🥗 Side dishes (banchan 반찬) 🍆

🍡 Sweet treats / dessert (husik 후식) 🍧

  • 🌱/🥚 Tteok: Korean rice cakes
    • 🌱 Mosi tteok 모시떡: rice cakes flavored with ramie leaves 🚫🌾
    • 🌱 Gamja tteok 감자떡: filled potato [rice] cakes 🚫🌾
  • 🥛 Jjinppang 찐빵: steamed buns filled with sweetened red bean paste
  • 🌱 Gangjeong 강정: crunchy bars of caramelized nuts and seeds
  • 🌱 Yugwa 유과: deep-fried rice crackers coated in rice puffs
  • 🍯 Yakgwa 약과: deep-fried confectionery, normally soaked in honey
  • 🍯 Dasik 다식: confectionery from e.g. ground nuts mixed with honey 🚫🌾
  • 🥛 Bingsu 빙수: shaved ice with sweet toppings

🌽 Snacks (gansik 간식) / street food 🥡

  • 🌱/🥚 Kimbap 김밥: rice, vegetables and egg, plus ham🐖 and fishcake🐟, wrapped in sea laver ➡️ costum-order 🗣🇰🇷 (🚫🌾)
  • 🌱 Mayak Kimbap 마약김밥: small wraps of rice and vegetables, served with a sauce
  • 🌱 Yakbap 약밥 / Yaksik 약식: sticky rice mixed with seasonings, beans and nuts
  • 🌱/🥛 Jjinppang 찐빵: steamed buns filled with sweetened red bean paste
  • 🌱 Dalgona 달고나: Crunchy and fluffy caramel
  • 🌱 Corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, chestnuts (steamed, roasted or boiled) 🚫🌾

🍻 Anju 안주 🍶

An order of Dubu Buchim (두부부침) and vegan side dishes at restaurant ‘Maetdolloman’ (맺돌로만), Seoul 2019.

✍️ This list is not complete and will be expanded gradually.
Suggestions are welcome!✍️

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