Korean Food Basics

This section provides information on Korean food in general. By explaining curious ingredients or customs, you will learn what to watch out for when doing grocery shopping and how to better experience Korean food culture.

There are several subsections, which are structured by a unifying theme as follows:

Phenomenons of Korean food culture

Korea’s natural food colors – #EatTheRainbow

  • ❤️ Red
  • 🧡 Orange
  • 💛 Yellow
  • 💚 GreenNokcha 녹차 and ssuk
  • 💜 Purple – sweet potatoes
  • 💗 Pink
  • 🖤 Black – animal- versus plant-based

Ingredients of Korean cuisine – regional & veggie-friendly

Hand-made Tofu (손두부) and Korean jellies at a traditional market.

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