Ingredients of Traditional Medicine 한약

Did you ever pass a Korean health food store or a street vendor selling things that are considered natural remedies? When I do, I keep wondering "What is that? Why is it sold here? What is it used for? How is that edible?" 🤔💭 One can argue about whether such components of herbal medicine can... Continue Reading →

Taste of green: Nokcha 녹차 and Ssuk 쑥

Green tea frappuccino with ice cream and green tea cake. Gyeongju 2018. 💚 Greeeeeeeeeeeeeen! 💚 Isn't green food fascinating? 🥦🥒🍏🥝🥗 Do you know what ingredients can turn other foods green? You may remember that spinach is added to e.g. pasta and bread, and recently even chlorella and spirulina have found their way into our (smoothie)... Continue Reading →

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