Taste of black: animal- or plant-based food colors?

🖤 Black is chic. 🕶 Black is cool. 🎩 Black is always fashionable. Now, black FOOD is the new black. And if this hasn't already been news to you...There's so much more black food besides Oreo cookies!* While in many parts of the world, activated charcoal powder is a rising star among natural food colorants,... Continue Reading →

Fast Food Fashion of South Korea

"Balli balli!" (빨리! 빨리!) Move fast, act immediately, there's no time! Anyone who visits Seoul will quickly notice how many people appear to be in a rush in whatever they do. Some may call this impatient and short-tempered, others may consider this behavior as targeted at optimization of processes. In the end it might be... Continue Reading →

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